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We have come out a safety & reliable modular type switchboard panel
Based on our 30 years experience in this industry, we have come out a safety and reliable modular type switchboard panel. We have a team of experienced engineer and technician always working toward a system for all your applications requiring a high level of dependability. Our design teams inclusive of electrical circuit designer and panel designer.

Our switchboard manufacturing are fully computerized
For the mechanical parts fabrication, our switchboard manufacturing are fully computerized. Our integrated CAD / CAM software, CNC machines are taken part from the initial design stage to the final product fabrication. For the painting process, all our products are coated by epoxy powder coating with chemical treatment for antirust and oven baked.
Part assembly, component assembly, busbar fabrication and etc
Our assembly process can be separated into:
Parts assembly
Component assembly
Busbar Fabrication and Installation
Delivery to site
Cabling and Control Wiring Installation
Testing / Factory Acceptance Test
A joint witnessed testing will be conduct before delivery
To ensure the switchboard assemblies is in compliance IEC standard and requirement, a joint witnessed testing will be conducted at our factory before delivery.
Visual Inspection
Inspection of wiring and electrical operation test
Checking of protective measures and electrical continuity of the protective circuits
Verification of insulation resistance.
Functionality simulation
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